The Performance Bar : Berlin – Rotterdam

The Performance Bar is a hub for artists and aims to boost local art scenes around the globe. It’s a place for experiment and dialogue. Where energy is more important than quality. Through an open call anyone can become part of the happening. The Performance Bar blurs the boundaries between café and theatre, bar and stage, artist and audience. What other people say about The Performance Bar: “The original dadaists would be jealous” VICE “a messy, anarchist and anti-elite performance” Theaterkrant (NL) |Duckie L’Orange Jeanette Mansson Rodell BaroqueBitches Titas Dutta and Katarina Markovic Gaby Bila-Günther Alan Meyer Marco Scola Veruschka Bohn Ali Heffetz Rhama Imke Zeinstra Tizo All Suzanne Stavast Florian Borstlap Daan Draait Elle Peril MNHTA Alexandre May| The Performance Bar The Performance Bar is part of WORM Rotterdam.

Photo : Alana Lake

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